Windows Phone 7 is an operating system of mobiles and is designed using the st technology by Microsoft. You can now easily operate your laptops and notebooks according to your requirements. Windows Phone operating system has now overcome the difficulty of upgrading the em of laptops and notebooks. You can upgrade your system by installing new and latest versions of soft wares that you operate daily.

Windows Phone is operating on a system of tiles. The tiles show that the applications, functions and used items are linked to each other and you can select the option of your choice by selecting the appropriate tile. You can upgrade your tiles according to your choice.

After the invention of desktop computers, laptops and notebooks opened the minds of the people to a der level thus, making them more thoughtful and confident. The education system of today is totally different from the previous one. Every year, the new students are taught at a different level to make them able to cope up with this fast-moving world.

Computer technology is also working according to the need of the time. Microsoft is playing a major role in this regard and is successfully occupying the market position by continuously introducing new and latest products according to the needs of the people.

Windows Phone is serving great help to the content writers. You will be provided alternate options to the world you are using along with the spelling and grammar checking system. Your content will be automatically monitored and checked. You are definitely going to love it if you are a regular writer because no other operating system will provide you such remarkable features. Moreover, if you feel your self being tired of typing on a keyboard, Windows Phone will provide you an onscreen keyboard a highly resistive touch screen system to operate easily.

If you are a game lover then you will be definitely going to love Windows Phone 7. It is going to provide all that you have ever wished for, n fact even more. You can make use of your Xbox Live on Windows Phone. You can play online games, invite your friends, and leave messages during or after the game. It operates on an efficient 3D system so that the player will feel as being inside the game. You will feel yourself as you actually are driving your racing car or you are actually playing a soccer game. Multi players can play at a time and your Xbox will monitor all the players. If you do not find any competitive player then your 3D system will make you feel as you are playing the game in a real playground with lots of spectators clapping for you. Your interests will now find their actual place using your Xbox Live on Windows Phone 7.

All the wishes of a person could not get a true picture but Windows Phone 7 is providing a platform for game lovers to fulfill their desires of gaming and gamers are going to love their games even more than ever before.

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