So you want to know how to put the video on your PSP, but don’t know how to do it? PSP is one of the most amazing gadgets ever created. It can play videos, music, do web surfing, and now even infection your opponent with viruses! YES! Please don’t let its amazingness go to waste.

However, there is a fairly large problem: Some video files are quite large and will cut your PSP short of what it’s capable of handling. Especially if you have an older PSP that can only read a limited amount of videos in sequence, you’ll find that putting video on PSP can be a challenge.

Here are a few tips I set out to solve the problem:

1. Download custom made PSP video

I thought of this as an option when none of the other suggestions made it to the top. Custom-made PSP videos can show you how to put the video on PSP in sequence, as well as how to put a video on PSP folder locations.

I found a lot of these sites that claim to offer free custom-made PSP videos, but there are a lot of problems with their selection, selection, and quality. I’m not a big fan of the services that don’t offer a membership fee but are happy to put up a payment for quality video. Many of them will let you view their library of videos on their site, but won’t let you download them. Of course, this is a problem, because if you want to try one of these services, they may not let you download the video.

2. Use a program called video lecturer

This is an alternative to downloading custom-made PSP video. Videoutations is an excellent program, with which you can easily convert your videos into PSP format, and then transfer them from your computer to the PSP memory stick. Most video courses will include the necessary software that you need to get video files to work in PSP.

3. Getting video into the PSP

First, make sure that you have the right videos for video conversion. Many people ask, how can I get my PSP videos into the PSP video conversion program? Well, firstly, the answer is video game designing software. There are many video conversion programs, which will convert your videos into PSP format. You may also have to download and install a video converter pack.

This software can be found online. You will need to do more than what is explained here. However, I have been in a few discussions about downloading videos into the PSP, so I know these programs can convert your videos into the PSP format. While there are a number of websites, the only way to unquestionably get video into the PSP from these programs is to know someone who has them.

Don’t have a pal who has a video converter? Maybe you should ask around, or look at places such as a discussion board. You never know, you could be getting your video converting done, and helping out other people with their video conversion needs. So, don’t be shy about asking around, and don’t be embarrassed at asking how to put a video on the PSP. By not doing so, you’re shooting yourself in the foot as far as being able to utilize your portable system.

There are a number of ways to go about the conversion process. Let’s look at the different ways of getting video on the PSP, and which ways work best for you.

How to Get a Video on PSP to Convert to DVD format

The PSP can read audio and video files, and the new addition to the PSP is the ability to convert to DVD format. However, not all videos come right out of the camera. Some require additional software or Burning ROM discs are needed.

These are fairly straightforward steps to convert your video files to.AVC format:

1. Use the video burning software available on the pc to get your videos into.AVC format.

2. Use the proper format for your destination DVD. Make sure you are doing this for a portable device or you should already be using a .iso file.

3. Begin saving. Try to keep as much of the original BMDBAs and the .iso in the same folder as you do.

4. Click on the destination .iso file you need to, and then start copying using your PC.

That should yield some results. To reduce the size of the xga tutorial, you may want to look at a program such as Daemon Tools. This program originated from the broadband connections of older PCs, which you could use to get .iso conversion software and a blank disk to backup your video collection.

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